Pat Phillips



Early on, I developed a fascination with layers and texture. Before I even started writing graffiti, I remember anticipating the dilapidated alleyways on trips while visiting my sister in the city. I always looked in amazement amongst the explicit messages and bold letters. Between the times of scrawling doodles on the wall, to skipping small town football games to “rack” and paint trains, it seems like most of my life was, and still is consumed by Kilroy subculture. My work takes a surrealistic approach to my memories and situations growing up. Like a beautiful mural covered by sloppy tags and weather decay, my thoughts and feelings seemingly engulf vague subjects I subconsciously deem important.

"The Dirty Southern Train Yard Experience" 2009 solo exhibition
"Come & See the Show" 2010 solo exhibition
"The Memphis Retrospective" 2010 solo exhibition
"The Southern Tea Party" 2010 solo exhibition
"Vague Topic 101" 2011 solo exhibition